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  • America's Languages Portal
    Model Programs & Practices
    Advancing Access & Equity in U.S. Language Education

This PORTAL is a limited registry of model programs and practices that can be emulated and adapted by others seeking to increase enrollment of learners from historically underserved populations and to expand the number and levels of languages offered.

The model programs presented here provide optimism that we can extend the benefits of bilingualism and language learning to all of America’s learners through smart, evidence-based investment.

Search and share what you find with your colleagues and community.

Who we are
We are the America's Languages Working Group, a volunteer cadre of leaders from PreK-16 education, Native American and immigrant communities, government, business and non-governmental organizations. We coordinate the "America's Languages Initiative," which includes this America's Languages Portal.

What we do
We show how equitable access can be made available to historically underserved bilingual and economically disadvantaged monolingual populations in many more languages, and at all levels of education, in large and small institutions, in community-based schools, in rich and poor communities.

Why we do this
All learners in the United States have the right to instruction in languages they want to learn and in a way that actually meets their needs and aspirations. The concrete, on-the-ground evidence presented here shows how more diversity and inclusion can be achieved and, as a result, how we can dramatically improve language enrollments in the U.S.

Programs we showcase
The model programs demonstrate proven practices that teach more of America's languages to more of America's learners. They also show accountability through their publicaly announced mission and goals, as well as documentations of the student success.

Application and Selection
Programs complete this application providing information about their institution, program and model practices that meet the overarching goals of access and equity. Teams of Fellows with appropriate expertise review and support applications on a continuing basis and make the final selection of programs to appear in the portal.

Our goal
We seek improved access to language education, which directly supports a more socially-just system of schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. The program and practices modeled here demonstrate the feasibility of increased access and equity with accountability, which are key to changing the way language education is perceived and implemented in the United States.