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Community-Based Heritage Language Schools (CBHL)

Institutional Characteristics

Location of School - City

Location of School - State

Size of Enrollments


Type of geographic area where school is located

Type of Instructional Formats

Provide information to parents and other stakeholders

Provide information to community at large

About Saulėtas Krantas Lithuanian Saturday School
Saulėtas Krantas Lithuanian Saturday School was established in 2004 to provide Lithuanian language and cultural education in South Florida. Our school gives students the … Read More
Gediminas Lithuanian School (GLS) works to foster young American Lithuanians’ (immigrants or children of immigrants) love for the Lithuanian language, traditions and culture, to encourage their love for Lithuania, to develop … Read More
From children to adults, from beginners to fluent speakers, everyone is welcome to learn with us. … Read More
The school operates in a contact and remote manner. There are Lithuanian language courses for adults (16+) and a course for teenagers for "Seal Of Biliteracy".
Toddler group - from 18 to 36 months.
Main … Read More