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Community-Based Heritage Language Schools (CBHL)

Institutional Characteristics

Location of School - City

Location of School - State

Size of Enrollments


Type of geographic area where school is located

Type of Instructional Formats

Provide information to parents and other stakeholders

ISLA builds community and leadership through educational Spanish language and cultural immersion programs since 2012. Our content-rich programs include a Saturday Heritage Spanish language program offered for free to our local … Read More
The school has a two-track system. A heritage track is suitable for those learners who have exposure to Chinese at home or communities where learners live. An immersion track is suitable for those learners who have no background … Read More
From children to adults, from beginners to fluent speakers, everyone is welcome to learn with us. … Read More
Founded in 1874, the German Saturday School Boston is dedicated to teaching the German language to children ages 4 through 17. The school strives to immerse students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in the cultures … Read More